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National Lead Poisoning Prevention

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, which falls on October 22-28, 2023, serves as an annual occasion dedicated to addressing the safeguarding of our families against lead exposure. The potential sources of such exposure encompass:

Paint in Older Homes and Buildings: Particularly those constructed prior to 1978, as paint chips and dust can pose risks.

Contaminated Soil, Yards, and Playgrounds: This can result from manufacturing processes utilizing lead or crumbling paint from older buildings.

Old Products: Including vintage toys coated with lead-based paint.

Drinking Water: Especially if pipes are corroded.

Occupations and Hobbies: Such as the use of lead weights in fishing or the crafting of stained-glass windows.

Folk Remedies: Like Greta and azarcon, which are Mexican folk remedies used for indigestion but may contain lead.

For comprehensive information on how to prevent lead exposure, please visit the following EPA link: Protect Your Family from Sources of Lead | US EPA

To learn more about National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, refer to the following link: National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week | US EPA