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Montgomery County Recycling Information & Collection Events

Montgomery County Household Hazardous Waste Collections-2024

Event hours are not listed since residents MUST schedule an appointment by pre-registering for events.   

Southeast PA Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collections

Montco residents may attend any of the events in the area which run from April to November.  There are no drop off locations, only the events. Click on the links to the flyers for the surrounding county events for more information. Pre-registration may be required. 2024 Flyer. 

Electronic Waste

Montgomery County has an agreement with “Retrievr” for electronic waste pick up and recycling which is available to all residents, see link

Retrievr charges a flat $12.50 doorstep pickup fee and convenience fees for the following items which are listed here and on the Retrievr webpage:

  • $15 for each microwave
  • $38 for each flat TV of any size, for each TV/Computer monitor less than 33 inches that uses a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
  • $105 for each TV/Computer monitor 33 inches or higher that uses a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) , for each wooden cabinet or rear-projection TV of any size
  • $55 for each dehumidifier
  • $55 for each window air-conditioner
  • $55 for each mini refrigerator under 50 lbs.

Drop off options are listed at

Document Shredding

Montco does NOT hold countywide document shredding events, but encourages municipalities to sponsor events for your residents. These are popular, as almost everyone has files that need to be shredded, and the County cannot provide events to cover all municipalities. Community shred events that Montco Recycling becomes aware of are listed at this link: Document Shredding | Montgomery County, PA - Official Website (


Montgomery County does not hold tire collection events. There are plenty of outlets for tire disposal as tire retailers usually accept used tires for a fee, see list at  

If a resident has a large number of tires or non-standard tires to dispose of, they should contact our local tire recycling company:

Emanuel Tire of PA,

1304 Conshohocken Rd.

Conshohocken, PA 19428

Phone: 610-277-6670