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Snow Plowing

The Township's Public Works Department is responsible for plowing and salting of roads in Lower Gwynedd. Whenever roads are snow covered or icy, or the forecast calls for inclement weather, please move your vehicles out of the street and onto private driveways so that plowing and salting operations can be done safely and efficiently. Remember that during a snow emergency all vehicles must be removed from the roadways.

The Township plows all Township roads as soon as possible. The Township crews make at least two passes on each road and plow from curb to curb. There are over 40 miles of roadway for municipal crews to plow and each operator plows a set route. To avoid having your driveway plowed in with snow, wait until after the trucks pass to clear your driveway and/or shovel snow to the right side of the driveway, facing the road. This will help to reduce the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway during plowing. Do not throw snow from a sidewalk or driveway into the roadway.

If mailboxes have been inadvertently plowed in, the Township cannot go back and dig them out, as we cannot take the employees off the snow removal equipment to do that. It is very important that the roads be kept clear of snow and ice. State and county crew plow their own roads.