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Incentives & Resources

Keep our Environment Clean and Safe

Proper disposal of hazardous materials is imperative to keeping our environment clean and safe for humans and all living things.

Montgomery County has announced the 2024 dates for their Hazardous Waste Collections, including locations near Lower Gwynedd, in Abington, Norristown, and Ambler. The most common items include cleaning supplies, oils and fuels, oil-based paint, and other solvent based products.

Republic's Power Point Presentation on Recycling

List of Resources from the Jumpstart Your Energy Savings Journey Presentation (April 2024).

Residential Rebates & Discounts from PECO

  • Appliance Rebates
  • Heating & Cooling Rebates
  • Water Heating Rebates
  • Pool Pump Rebates
  • Energy-Efficient Homes

Business Incentives from PECO:

  • Equipment
  • New Construction
  • Compressed Air
  • Custom
  • Data Centers

Home and Business Energy Efficiency Incentives

Lower Gwynedd Township residents and businesses may be eligible for a variety of incentives to make your home or office more energy efficient.

North Wales Water Authority

Electric and Other Alternative Fuel Vehicle

Thinking about purchasing an electric or other alternative fuel vehicle?PECO, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the federal government have resources to help inform your decision, and provide financial incentives.