The Lower Gwynedd Board of Supervisors (BOS) heard loud and clear residents’ complaints about the lack of cell service in much of the Township.  As a local government, Lower Gwynedd does not have the authority to mandate cell coverage by telecommunications companies, but as a property owner, the Township might be able to be part of the solution.  Rise Up Towers identified two Township properties that would be viable locations for cell towers to address the gap in cell service. The BOS has scheduled a special meeting on July 11th at 7pm to discuss cell service in Lower Gwynedd Township.

The July 11th meeting is for 1) the presentation about the proposed cell towers and the expected improvement in cell service and 2) questions for Rise Up Towers from the public and BOS.  This meeting is the beginning of the process.  The Township is still gathering information about the proposed cell towers and locations.  No decisions will be made at this meeting by the BOS.

For more information about the location click here. 

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