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How Do I...?

Homeland Security

In response to national news media broadcasts this date (February 11, 2003), the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety is issuing this fact sheet for use in providing consistent information to the pubic. For additional information, go to the Montgomery County Public Safety website at

Prior to Event:

  1. Prepare a family disaster kit. This should include cash, water and food for at least 72 hours (3 days). Water quantity stored should be 1 gal/person/day. Also include personal items, medicines, and flashlights.
  2. Plan a family point of contact, including phone numbers and a meeting place.
  3. Make sure you have a working battery operated radio. Monitor KYW 1060 AM for up to date information.
  4. This preparation is essentially the same, as all households should do prior to severe weather situations.

If a Major Event/Attack Occurs:

  1. Immediately go inside.
  2. Close and lock doors and windows.
  3. Turn off HVAC and appliances.
  4. Go to a small interior room.
  5. Seal off openings, doors, windows, fireplace, etc. with plastic and duct tape. Use wet towels at the bottom of doors.
  6. Monitor KYW radio, 1060 AM for instructions.


  1. There are no longer "fallout shelters." The current plan is for "sheltering-in-place."
  2. In the event the Governor orders areas to be evacuated, the American Red Cross will open shelters for those who need a place to stay. This information will be provided through KYW radio, 1060 AM.