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Bethlehem Pike Improvement Project
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As part of the 2000 Comprehensive Plan Update, Lower Gwynedd Township adopted a Master Plan for improvements to Bethlehem Pike. The plans were adopted after numerous public meetings. The Bethlehem Pike Improvement Plans propose the development of a walkable town center for the Spring House area, which is defined as Bethlehem Pike from Chesterfield Drive south to Dager Road.

The improvements include the installation of sidewalks, uniform split rail fencing and daylily plantings. Plans also include street trees and street lighting. The major change proposed is the creation of a median in the section of Bethlehem Pike from Rotelle Drive south to Sheblee Lane. The median would allow for dedicated left turn lanes and would require common driveways among some businesses. Two additional traffic signals are also proposed. The first would be located at Rotelle Drive and the second at Sheble Lane.

The plans have been divided into three phases. Phase I consists of the area from Chesterfield Drive south to Rotelle Drive. Phase II is the area south of Rotelle Drive to Sheble Lane and Phase III is from Sheble Lane south to Dager Road.

The Bethlehem Pike Improvement Plans are a high priority for the Board of Supervisors and important to the Township's overall planning goals.

Bethlehem Pike Improvement Project Flyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the streetscape improvements?

The improvements include the installation of sidewalks, split rail fencings, daylilies, street trees and street lighting.

What type of streets trees will be installed?

The Township plans to install London Plane trees which will grow up and over the utility wires and are a hardy for an urban environment.

What type of lighting will be installed?

Ornamental lighting fixtures will be installed. These fixtures will be similar to the lighting fixtures in some other municipalities, including North Wales Borough.

Who will pay for the improvements?

The Township will install the sidewalks, fencing, daylilies and lighting at Township expense. The property owners will be responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk, fence and daylilies. The landscaping was selected for it's low maintenance costs. The Township is seeking grants to fund the roadway improvements.

Will my taxes be increased to pay for the project?