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The Township also maintains approximately 100 miles of sewer lines, two pump stations and five metering stations. The Lower Gwynedd Township Municipal Authority handles sewer line construction. Once construction is complete, the Township assumes operating responsibility. Through an agreement with Ambler Borough, the Township's wastewater is treated at the Ambler Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The sewer usage rate is $88.00 for the first 12,000 gallons and $5.80 for each 1,000 gallons thereafter.

Also, for any well customers the rate is $139.48 per quarter.

Over 3,300 owners of Township properties which are connected to the public sewer system are required to pay a quarterly service charge (or rent) to Lower Gwynedd Township. The Township mails residential sewer rental bills the first week of January, April, July and October (quarterly). Rents are due the last day of each of these months respectively. Rents paid after the due date of each month are subject to a 10% penalty. In addition, interest of 2.5% is added to the balance 120 days from the due date. Residential property owners with delinquent balances are subject to the imposition of lien, civil court or water shut-off pursuant to an agreement between Lower Gwynedd Township and the North Wales Water Authority. In the event of a shut-off, the delinquent property owner shall also be charged all costs and expenses incurred by the Township to effectuate the shut-off.

You can discuss your billing questions with our Sewer Billing Clerk between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday and 9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. on Fridays, at 215-646-5302.

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